Public interest litigation

'Behave in a way that you deserve eternity at your own judgment and the judgment of others, that you become irreplaceable, that you do not deserve to die.' 

Miguel de Unamuno

Being a lawyer that works in the defence of the public interest implies gaining new capabilities related to argumentative theory as well as procedural aspects related to collective claims.

In particular, argumentative theory together with a deep understanding of the way public interest litigation works can be helpful for practitioners and judges as this new form of litigation is expanding.

With my background in procedural law and argumentative theory, I have been studying public interest litigation for many years and I have developed an online platform for providing training to law professionals.

At present this site is only available in Spanish but you can visit it and let me know if you would be interested in receiving training in English.

Besides my phD Thesis, the first project related to public interest litigation was the creation of the Public Interest Review 

The Public Interest Review (ReDIP) is published by the Law Faculty of the National University of La Plata.  This project is grounded on the observation of the evolving practice of Public Interest litigation in the local constitutional law. 

The main objective of the ReDIP is to make visible this experience and to reflect theoretically on it, willing to contribute to the development of an innovative and fundamental field of Law that can positively impact our democratic legal systems.